Yes, I'm collecting old computers! The progress in the computer industry is so lightning fast that computers will very quick become museum items. I try to collect some milestones and classical computers. For example the first PC, the first portable, the first true laptop and so on. I want all my computers to be in original shape, unmodified and in working condition. It is also fine if original OS, manuals and software are included.

As the museum is located in Sweden I have a special focus on Swedish computers.

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The Evolution of Computers

New Arrival in the Museum...

Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer (USA 1980)

TRS-80 Computers came in many different shapes and models, this is the "Color Computer" ("Co-Co" for short) introduced in 1980 in USA. Retail price $399. It has a Motorola 6809E CPU and 4K RAM. A color television should be used as display 192 x 128 pix or 32 x 16 char for text, 4 colors. Built in BASIC in ROM. An Extended Basic version was soon released. Cassett deck for storage.

Kindly donated by Anders Gratorp

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On my wish list:

  • Apple Lisa,  Lisa2 from 1983-84 or first original Mac from 1984
  • Luxor ABC-16, ABC 9000 (Swedish)
  • Jet 80 (Swedish)
  • IBM PCjr
  • Commodore PET 2001or Commodore SX-64 portable!
  • First Compaq I Portable
  • Other classic personal computers
  • Home computers like Sinclair, Acorn Atom,  Amstrad, Atari, Amiga, BBC, Spectravideo, Oric, Dragon, Sinclair ZX81, Microbee...
  • Well, if you have an Altair 8800 then I promise to take good care of it...

If you feel like you have something lying around that would fit in to my collection, please mail me to see if you can become a donator to my museum!

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