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A very nice portable CP/M-machine introduced to the market in 1981, the same year IBM released its first IBM PC.

Zilog Z80A 4 MHz processor, 64 K RAM, built in 5" monochrome screen and two 91K 5" floppy drives. 24x53 characters. Built in power supply, no battery. Weight around 12 kg(26,2 lbs). Unit sized to fit under standard airline seat.

The Osborne was the first personal computer that came with all of the software needed to be up and running in the new era of Personal Computing. A Word Processor, WordStar; Spreadsheet, SuperCalc; Database, dBase II; and Operating System, CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) were all included in the $1795 retail price. This price was strategic as it made the computer inexpensive enough for a credit card purchase.

In 1983 Osborne announced a new computer long before they could deliver. People stopped buying the Osborne 1 and the company went bankrupt. This behavior is now known as to "Osburn" a product! Click here for big Osborne 1 image!

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