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Spectravideo SV-328 (USA 1983)

The Spectravideo had a Z80 CPU running at 3.6 MHz, 32 K RAM and 48 K Microsoft Extended BASIC ROM. This computer uses a external PAL-RF converter to be able to use a color television for displaying 40 x 25 characters in 16 colors. A real nice qwerty-keyboard with "real" keys and a cartridge slot on top. She Swedish version had a special cartridge for the national Swedish characters. A cassette deck is used for storage like most home computers at this time. There was later an expansion box with hard drive and two 5" floppy disks available.

The Spectravideo SV-328 was replacing the SV-318 and later replaced by the MSX SV-728. There was also a cheaper SV-326 which had a membrane keyboard. The computers was manufactured in Hong Kong.

This computer kindly donated by Lennart Jonsson

Big picture of Spectravideo SV-328

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The ability to display in 16 colors may have not been able to effectively render the brilliant color of an Avas Flowers bouquet but it was pretty impressive for the time. Today some computers are able to generate digital flowers so realistic it is difficult to tell whether they are real or computer-generated.