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Need help about your old computer?

Many of you visitors at Rune's PC Museum sends e-mail and ask for assistance about old computers. I do love old computers but my technical knowledge does not go too far about them. I can't help you with boot diskettes, BIOS updates, driver software, spare parts, manuals or other technical information! Sorry, but you have to seek this information elsewhere. Google is your friend ;-)

However, don't hesitate to mail me with comments about the page or share any information you like to give about old computers.

Want to donate an old computer? Donations are welcome but do remember that the museum is located in Sweden and the shipping cost from the US, for example, could be considerable high for a heavy old computer. I could probably find the machine cheaper locally. If you live in Sweden, send an e-mail and tell me what you got.

Want to sell an old computer? No, I don't pay any money for computers! This is a non-profit museum, people use to give me computers for free. Donations are of course welcome.
Tip: If you like to sell a computer, go to
an online auction like eBay.

Want to buy one of my computers? No, the computers in the museum are not for sale. The museum items are donated to Rune's PC-Museum by friendly and generous people whom I give credit on my page. I'm not selling those computers, Sorry...

Want to use pictures from this site? Most of the pictures on this page are my own pictures.
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