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Rune's PC-Museum is located in Sweden

Some other computer museum related links:

The Freeman PC Museum... Largest Collection of Vintage Computers On The Web

The Digibarn Computer Museum Great collection and a lot of interesting reading.

Commie web page -- Better red than IBM The most complete Commodore collection I ever seen on the net. More than you ever wanna know about Commodore computers, well worth a visit.

Computer History Museum a real museum in Mountain View, California, US

Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection a nice private collection of vintage computers, also includes a discussion forum.

Welcome to Excellent maintained and organized site. A lot of computer history and pictures of computers. A must to visit!

UVa Computer Museum Some interesting pictures from the very beginning of computer history. University of Virginia.

Eric Smith's Retrocomputing page Computing from the time before the IBM PC (1981). PDP11 and other stuff.

Stefan's Old Computer Collection A Dutch collector with among other stuff an interesting collection of boot screens.

Uncle Roger's Classic Computers A nice collection of old computers, most of them portable.

Kevan's Computer Bits - My Computer Collection Many classical home computers on this site.

Gaby's Computer museum and CPM Center This site focused on CP/M and computer history.

The Museum of HP Calculators Old HP calculators, very complete collection with nice pictures!

Digital Mona Lisa-Computer Art Graphic Masterpiece: Digital Mona Lisa is an extraordinary example of computer graphics from a bygone digital time. a Swedish page made by a guy who collects old and new CPU:s

The Obsolete Technology Website a nice structured website with an impressive computer collection Electric Dreams, a nice little computer museum in Finland A special page about The Durango F-85 computer


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